Stationery Lists 2021

Waterloo School continues to offer our families the option to purchase school stationery requirements from Paper Plus Lower Hutt either online, over the phone or by visiting the store​.  Click here for more information.

Some year levels will have  ‘Other items’ of stationery listed at the top of their lists – these items can be purchased from the school office from the beginning of Term 1.  Please note that we DO NOT have EFT-POS.

Year 1 stationery packs (Rooms 21-24) are available for purchase through the school office.


Year 2

      Rooms 17 - 20


Years 3 & 4

 Rooms 8 - 14


Years 5 & 6

Rooms 1 - 7

Click on the image above your child's year group to download the stationery list