Introducing Our Board of Trustees


Lynette Glover, Craig Baxter, Jamie Moore, Jen Broster, Cheryl Wilson,

James Liang, Glynnis Bell, Suzanne Su'a (Principal), Susan Webber (Chair)

The fundamental role of the Board is the governance of the school and to ensure that the delivery of a quality education programme occurs. The Board and staff work as a team to achieve this aim. The role of the Principal as the professional leader of the school is acknowledged by the Board.
Principal: Suzanne Su'a
Chairperson:  Susan Webber
​Parent Trustees: Craig Baxter, Jen Broster, Lynette Glover, Jamie Moore, James Liang
Staff Trustee: Glynnis Bell
​Board Secretary: Cheryl Wilson

To contact the Board of Trustees please use the following email address: 

2021 Meeting Dates
Term 1

17 February

31 March

Term 2

19 May

23 June

Term 3

28 July

14 September

Term 4

2 November

7 December

All Meetings are at 7:00pm and are held in the staffroom.  Anyone is welcome to attend.