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Our School Clothing Options

School Clothing is not compulsory at Waterloo School but we are excited to partner with Redworx to bring a great range of quality options for our students.   We have t-shirts ($38), shorts ($28), a hoodie ($55, name an additional $15) and brim hats ($15) available. 

Samples are available in the office to try on during school hours.  All items are optional but the t-shirt is required if you play a sport for our school.  (You can still buy a t-shirt if you don't play a sport).  If you have a current polo shirt please continue to wear it, it does not need to be replaced.

To place an order, just click the button.  Your order will be delivered directly to you.  Allow extra time if you have requested a name on your hoodie.

Our fabulous models can give you an idea of looks and sizing

All three of them thought the clothing was warm and comfortable and didn't want to take it off!

Clothing 2.JPG

Model 11 yrs

Hat: 59cm

Hoodie, shirt, shorts:

size 12

Model 5 yrs

T- shirt: size 6

Shorts: size 8

Model 9 yrs

Hat: 57cm

Hoodie, shirt, shorts:

size 10

Clothing 1.JPG
Clothing 3.JPG
Clothing 4.JPG
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