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Enrolling at Waterloo School

Transitioning to School

Transition to school (Waterloo Transition to School Info Booklet)

There is a Parent Information evening held once per term called NE Chit Chat hosted by DP or Year 1 Team Leader. This is usually on a Wednesday evening 7 - 8pm.  Please contact Danielle Wright for information about dates.


Upon confirmation of enrolment new entrants will be invited to attend 2 school visits, this invitation is sent via email from our administration manager. 

Ruru Club  

In weeks 3, 6 and 9  of each term we run our Ruru Club. This is a preschool club aimed to give enrolled four year olds a head start in settling into school during the time they are making school visits leading up to beginning school. These are be held from 2- 3pm on a Thursday afternoon (using Rm 16).  

We have a specially designed programme for these children presented by one of our Deputy Principals, to help make their transition to school easier which includes literacy, arts and math activities.

This is an opportunity for children and their parents to interact together and become familiar with school routines, and for preschoolers to bond together.  

The students: 

  • Have fun and enjoy the experience 

  • Meet and make new friends 

  • Practise using fine motor skills with fun activities 

  • Recognise and write their name 

  • Develop concepts about print, number knowledge and oral language 

  • Learn school routines. 

The parents/caregivers:

  • Meet other parents/caregivers 

  • Find out about school expectations and how to make the transition smooth for their child. 

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